The Artist

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, I was an avid rock collector, and fascinated with polishing stones and making jewelry using gold and silver.  During college, at Oregon State University I became intensely interested in landscape architecture, concentrating my studies heavily in this area.  After college I eventually relocated to Portland, OR, living there for twenty years, and later moved to rural property near the small community of McMinnville, OR, where I currently live.  Prior to becoming an artist in 1995, I had owned small businesses involved in home remodeling, landscape design and construction and creating water features for home and landscape.

Due to my interest in landscape architecture, most of my first sculptures were intended for outdoor placement.  For this reason early on, I focused mainly on carving granite and basalt, which are durable and withstand weather extremes.
They are beautiful stone and are locally available to me.  I still focus on these harder stones and love to work at large scale, but I also create many small works intended for indoor placement.

Because I grew up in close proximity to San Francisco’s Asian American communities and later my love of Japanese gardens, my artistic style was influenced and naturally expressed itself as a contemporary Asian influenced aesthetic.  My work has been to a large extent inspired by Japanese artists Kazutaka Uchida, Isamu Noguchi, and Masayuki Nagare.

Much of my work is an exploration of contrasts between rough natural surfaces and smooth polished areas, light and dark colors, geometric and organic forms, and joining contrasting materials such as stone, metal or glass.  I always attempt to leave a rough natural part of the stone and tool marks to every finished sculpture, thereby giving it contrast and historical context of how it came into being.  I feel that this gives my sculptures an added dimension and richness.